Sport in Russia

Sport has been always popular in Russia and today it is an essential part of daily life. Russia proves to be successful at a number of sports holding top positions in European and World Championships.

There are more than 2500 stadiums and over 3000 swimming pools in the country. The sports infrastructure has been renovated before Summer Universiade 2013 in Kazan, Winter Olympics of 2014 in Sochi and 2018 FIFA World Cup held in a number of Russian cities. More important international sports events are planned to be held in Russia in the following decade.

Among the most popular sports in the country are football, hockey, volleyball, basketball, athletics, figure skating, cross-country skiing, biathlon, tennis, boxing, figure-skating, swimming and others.

Russia has a vast territory of lowlands, lakes, mountains and different climate zones providing suitable conditions and opening new horizons for extreme sports activities that are of great interest among the young people, such as parkour, wakeboarding, kitesurfing, snowboarding, mountain skiing, diving, rafting, paragliding, etc. There are a number of mountain resorts in Russia with a high quality infrastructure and modern equipment, so there is no need to travel abroad to get the experience.

Today Russians go in for sports both professionally and as amateurs. The busy way of life and daily office routine bring people to fitness centers and sports zones. Even the companies in the frame of the corporate culture provide their employees with the sports club system discounts to keep fit on a regular basis. Some Russians enjoy jogging or yoga classes in the parks, others – swimming in the pools or hiking in the mountains. The idea of a healthy nation is in the air and getting more and more popular nowadays involving the population in different kinds of sports.

Physical education for the children begins in kindergartens and continues throughout primary and secondary schools and universities. There are also various seasonal sports camps for children and sports schools for those who opt for professional education.

One can notice that Russians are great sports fans. It is well known that Russians have a strong sense of empathy and team spirit, that’s why it’s no wonder that Russians are ready to travel worldwide to support the national team.