Media & IT in Russia

Russian media market is a wide one constantly on the way of growing and undergoing changes to be up to date in nowadays life. All in all, there are about 330 TV channels including 7 channels that broadcast abroad as well, a number of radiostations focused on news and music, about 9000 newspapers and 7000 magazines, and 400 news agencies in the country.

Today television with a great variety of channels is the dominating Russian media attracting more than half population of Russia to TV screens for news and intertainment programs, popular talk shows, series and sitcoms. The majority of programs are produced in Russia, though the international channels like BBC, CNN, Euronews are also highly rated. Russia Today TV channel and Voice of Russia radio channel broadcast latest news for an English-speaking audience.

Russia is a “reading nation”, while in Russia one can easily notice everyone reading books, newspapers, magazines in public transport on holidays. No wonder that the second most popular media in the coutry is print media with over 400 daily newspapers. The national press market is diverse and keeps the Russians up-to-date. However, the new technologies and hi-tech industries are getting more and more popular not only among the people of all ages leaving the other media sources behind.

Internet has become a wide communicaion network in Russia and one of the main sources of getting up-to-date information. Yandex, a biggest Russian network search system and one of the leading innovative companies is widely used in the country. Russians are frequent social networks users as well. Nowadays the internet-market of Russia is the largest in Europe having a great potential and perspective.

As for the IT market of Russia, today it is one of the expanding and instantly growing sectors of the Russian economics which has more than doubled during the recent years. Large IT companies look for opportunities to sell their products both for the local and foreign markets. By increasing their presence abroad, the Russian IT companies are becoming globally visible. Among the well known projects are the popular B2B web-server NGINX, Prisma photo editing app, Game Insight - the world’s leading innovator of mobile and social games, Badoo dating network, etc.

Kaspersky Lab is a global cybersecurity company with the Head office in Mosow. It is one of the world’s leading antivirus products and protection solution providers. In cooperation with some universities the company provides great opportunities for students to get the unique knowledge and skills in IT security field.