Healthcare in Russia

Medicine in Russia, frankly speaking, in general is quite poor. With a low standard state funded healthcare if compared to international standards, Russia is striving for opening more opportunities for the population by offering medical treatment in privately owned hospitals and health centers which seem to be quite expensive.

However, the people choose them to save time in long queues in public hospitals which are free of charge and to find the qualified staff that can assist on time due to new modern facilities which lack is obvious in state medical institutions. In fact, Russian specialists are highly qualified and trained, but due to the out-of-time medical equipment of state hospitals and the low salaries they have to be employed as part-time doctors by private hospitals.

According to experts, the private health care market in Russia has a great potential of growth and development. During the recent decades a number of investment projects have been announced to provide the necessary amenments in the current situation. Numerous medical conferences are annually held in Russia gathering the medical specialists of the country, investing banks, funds and other market participants interested in this sector to discuss the important issues on the agenda seeking for the ways to improve the health of the nation.

While in Moscow and St.Petersburg the tourists and expats can visit hospitals with English-speaking staff in case of any medical assistance inquiry (The European Medical Center and American Medical Center in Moscow, and MEDEM International Clinic and Hospital and American Medical Clinic in St.Petersburg are the most popular ones), the regional private hospitals are unlikely to offer required assistance in other languages, but Russian. All tourists planning to visit Russia are recommended to hold a medical insurance from the country of origin that can cover the medical expenses in case of emergency in Russia. It is also one of the requirements of obtaining a Russian visa. Usually such patients provide the payment for the medical services on spot and later receive reimbursement from their insurance companies when they return to their home countries.

Despite medicine in Russia may differ from those the tourists use in their home countries, it is still possible to find an equivalent in a pharmacy, though some medicine can be sold only by the prescription from the doctor.

Due to excellent skills of Russian specialists, profound research and many years experience in differents medical fields along with more investments to public hospitals, Russia can become one of the leading countries in healthcare in Europe. Today the medical tourism in Russia is at the initial stage, though tomorrow the situation can be drastically changed for the better.