Fashion in Russia

Russians love and appreciate fashion. No wonder the country is considered to be a very attractive fashion market with its retail market being the largest one in Eastern Europe.

According to statistics, Russians are spending more than 25 minutes a day shopping online, in particular looking for new trends and exploring the fashion market, which make the evidence of the booming fashion industry in Russia, and those shops that are best equipped online are capitalizing.

Among the most popular prestigious annual events in Russia are Fashion Weeks held in Moscow gathering the genuine fashion lovers, designers, celebrities, investors. Multiple presentations of show rooms and fashion boutiques are held during Moscow Fashion Week which has opened for public the names of well known Russian designers, such as Igor Chapurin, Andrey Sharov, Tatyana Parfionova, Victoria Andreyanova, all of them having premium brand fashion houses and pret-a-porter labs. Among the best Russian designers are Vyacheslav Zaytsev, Valentin Yudashkin, Denis Simachev, Alena Akhmadullina, Dasha Gauser, Julia Dalakian and others, most of them participate in fashion events abroad as well.

Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Russia is the large scale fashion event in Eastern Europe, the luxurious collections are represented both by local designers and european brands introduced to the Russian fashion market. 


Collections by Russian designers are represented by bright colours and prints, unusual forms and textures, grace and elegance -  all of them being created to express the customers identity and form an excelent fashion sense.

Fashion media in Russia play an important part of every day life: numerous magazines sportlighting fashion and lifestyle events and new trends in fashion industry, popular national TV shows and global TV projects focused on creating a new ideal look of a particular person with the assistance of the famous designers and professional styists – all of them are top rated ones as the Russian people are really addicted to fashion. In everyday life they strive to look good, no matter they are in the office with a dress code policy applied or any other place. We should admit that the majority of Russian people do look stylish and well-prepared as if they expect to suddenly visit any event or whatever. In fact, the daily routine of an average person includes an evening go out after a hard working day which implies a good and neat look, be it a meeting in a restaurant, or a date, or a evening stroll, or even a shopping activity.

Russian people choose good clothes appropriate to their personal style, and though being fashionable in Russia means to have a lot of money to be spent on expensive brands, the foreigners can not but admit that the majority of Russian people do look stylish and well-prepared as if they expect a sudden go out. Most Russian people do not seem to consider casual style as a comfortable way of wearing clothes, but as a way to show their personality, mood and way of life in general. One can notice, for example, that Russian ladies wear high-heeled shoes for everyday life – moreover, they find them comfortable and thus make them feel real ladies wherever they are.