Cinema in Russia

Russia has become increasingly interested in the film industry in recent years. Today cinema is one of the most popular means of entertainment and education in the country. It is but a great escape from the hard daily routine for a few hours which is of great demand in nowadays busy life.

Apart from multiple movie theaters throughout Russia, one can notice that most large shopping malls offer a number of cinema halls for adults and children with the latest movies and cartoons to spend an attractive family weekend. New cinema production technologies and digital platforms are introduced to the Russian market: 5D and 7D cinema are very popular today among kids and 3D films are produced for museums and educational programs providing a great impact on spectators.

Among the leading Russian cinema networks are Cinema Park, Formula Kino, KARO and Kinomax, each of them offering over 200 cinema halls.

Russians are a TV addicted nation. Film industry in Russia is rapidly developing nowadays. Numerous Russian movies are annually produced by the famous Russian film directors. Soap operas and sitcoms, TV shows, news blocks and educational programs 24/7 broadcast attracts millions of people to the silver screen.

The Soviet cinematography has greatly contributed to the history of the Russian cinema, famous Soviet movies were produced at that time, such as “The Height”, “The Kuban Cossacks”, “17 Moments of Spring”, “Love and Pigeons”, “The diamond Arm” etc. During the recent decades more honored movies were produced, among them are “The Barber of Siberia”, “Admiral”, “Aircrew”, “Night Watch” and others. The moral impact of the Russian films is produced by the emphasis on the family values, patriotism, devotion to the profession, etc.

Moscow International Film Festival annually held in the capital of Russia since 1935 is considered to be the oldest one in the world. The consolidation of the Festival status is directly related to the situation in the film industry in Russia. Over the past 20 years the Festival Jury was headed by the leading world film celebrities like Richard Gere, Margarethe von Trotta, Luc Besson, Geraldine Chaplin, Héctor Babenco. Kinotavr in Sochi and other festivals gather the best cinema producers, actors and Russian films to be nominated for annual rewards. 2016 was officially announced as the Year of Cinema which has resulted in a comprehensive event plan collaboration: dozens of film festivals, new cinemas halls, numerous exhibitions, concerts and lectures, internet projects and publications devoted to Russian cinema.